Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gratitude Day

Not an original idea but one that is worthwhile repeating and passing on.

Dateline, November 26th, 2009, 7:00am EST
At this moment all across the U.S. people are in various stages of preparation for a holiday feast. Chefs and their kitchen staff, mothers, fathers, grandparents, children too......wake with great excitement and anticipation.

There is another story that seldom gets told, or only as an after thought -- mothers, fathers, grandparents, children too..........waking homeless, hungry and will not be part of a joyous feast, elders in a nursing home may not have any visitors, soldiers overseas everywhere not with family........maybe you can add people you know in your own community -- that homeless person that helps people carry their groceries to their car at the market for spare change, the pan handler who is there everyday when you get off the highway returning from work, the man with the sign "Will Work For Food". The list of those less fortunate for whatever reason is endless, and in these times is growing faster than those wishing to live some "American Dream."

Not being part of this other group the images may be fuzzy for the rest of us to imagine what that might be like. Most of the time we here at Berkshire Grain are concocting new product ideas, creating interesting new ways to add more Organic Whole Grains to your daily diet.

This morning we just want to spread the thought of "BE IN GRATITUDE"...........What are you grateful for?

Several years ago when our children were younger a group of us went to a local church in our community that had a food pantry that prepared Thanksgiving meals for those less fortunate. It was a great experience for our children at 6 and 8 years old -- it was quite the contrast from a life with X-Boxes and iPods. When we called to inquire this year if we could help -- we found the Soup Kitchen Closed due to lack of funds.

Here at Berkshire Grain, in the next few days we will be announcing our plans to offer our GRATITUDE in our own communities.

Have a Happy, Healthy, Safe Holiday and mix in a big spoon of GRATITUDE somewhere between those mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, asparagus..........think about what you can do as an individual to give something back and make a difference. You may find yourself with a smaller bulge in your waistline, and a warm-swelling near your heart :)

Here's something interesting to share with all of you -- Heard on NPR,11/25/2009 -- share this with others -- again it's a perspective some of us can't imagine -- National Day of Listening

Peace Everywhere

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