Friday, November 6, 2009

Brrrrrr.........Cold Mornings -- Hot Granola Yummm! -- FREE RECIPE & FREE GRANOLA OFFER

Well the last of the leaves have fallen but will not be forgotten -- all the fall cleanup has found it's way to our compost container......more about that in the spring. Now we'd like to share that here in the Berkshires - we finally experienced our first snow fall - and although it was just a "dusting" as we say in these parts -- it is none the less the beginning -- shoveling, plowing, skiing, ice skating, snow shoeing, ice fishing -- and Cold Winter Mornings.

Here at Berkshire Grain we are big advocates of starting the day right -- and that means a nutritious breakfast -- and as much as we love a delicious bowl of granola with milk or yogurt and plenty of fresh fruit -- if you live in a place where the typical temperature this time of year is closer to freezing well we've got a treat for you.

Berkshire Grain Hot Granola

Berkshire Grain Hot Granola is not like other hot cereals -- because our products are not just plain oats. It starts with a complex assortment of different grains, nuts and seeds -- all offering not only a unique taste -- but also the different textures translate into an interesting experience with every spoonful. FREE BERKSHIRE GRAIN HOT GRANOLA RECIPE

Taste the Difference

As part of our manufacturing process the granola mix is evenly coated with a collection of unrefined sugars, nectars and natural flavorings -- then oven roasted at low temperatures. When the granola is cooked as a hot cereal -- the infused flavor bursts -- if you dare to get your nose close enough to the pot you will know what we mean, and if you're anything like us -- you'll have a sampling spoon nearby to test it right from the pot :)

Hot Granola and Fresh Fruit

If you haven't tried this on your own here's a neat trick. Just before your pot of Hot Granola is ready to come off the heat throw in your own assortment of cut up fresh fruit, stir and talk about bursting with of our favorites is adding a mashed banana -- gotta get that potassium hit.

Free Granola Offer

We would like to introduce as many people to Berkshire Grain Granola -- Hot or Cold! So we're giving away 2 ounce samples free, for a small handling fee of $1.00. PROGRAM DETAILS

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  1. Looks so yummmy. I can't wait to try it even if it isn't that cold here!