Saturday, December 13, 2008

Read This First

2 Guys and An Idea

Sandy and Kevin met about 12 years ago, over a bowl of granola.  Back then Kevin owned a granola company that supplied granola (our Cinnamon Toast Granola) to a famous New England Health and Wellness Resort.  During  a visit  to the Spa, Sandy discovered that his favorite granola was missing, and got in touch with Kevin.  Over the years Sandy would call Kevin and order granola by the case for home delivery.

In 2008, Sandy and Kevin, had been discussing the obesity epidemic in the US.  After some further research, Kevin and Sandy agreed to become part of the solution and create Berkshire Grain, an Organic Food Company, with products that could help people realize their personal goals of improved health and vitality through better diets, proper exercise and sufficient rest.  

Berkshire Grain's emphasis is on the use of safe Organic Ingredients, with low or moderate glycemic values, and healthy fats. Our New Product and Recipe Development is headed by Barbara Kirshner,  who has spent the past 3 decades working for and consulting to the most recognizable brands in the food industry.  Her passion for good food and people brings out some amazing innovation,  natural and organic ingredients creating absolutely delicious foods.
  -- No Animals are used in the testing of our products..............all our products are taste tested by our kids...

The really nice thing about you'll find about Berkshire Grain is that we are just like many of you -- people that love good food.

Happy Eating!
Healthy is the New Delicious™

"If you give
Berkshire Grain products a try and like them, we ask that you tell others, and if you find something you don't like please contact me.

Sandy Montag, President  

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